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  • Jan 28, 2010 · FOR sALE: 1 pair of 6,5 inch Midbass Seas Excell Millenium 1 pair of 4 inch Tweeter Seas Excellk Millenium 1 Pair Of Pasif Seas Excell ( by Heb**N Mint
Jul 23, 2016 · 11 high quality midbass drivers were chosen for this test. The mix of brands was based on any of the following criteria or a combination of the following: brand reputation, performance (company published specifications), price attributes, use in the mobile audio competition scene, and implementation of the latest technological innovations.

Old school Audiophile 6.5 Woofer Midbass CDT Scanspeak Vifa Seas 1.2ohm Comp USA. Brand New. C $90.71. From United States. or Best Offer.

Nov 05, 2009 · My friend needs one of these 4.5" bass/mid units to make a new centre 'speaker for his 6.1 surround system (he has a single bass/mid in his centre at the moment). Sadly this unit is now obsolete and its doped paper cone gives excellent results. Does anyone know of old stock that might be out...
  • Det er den tiden på året hvor det må ryddes i beholdningen. Alt er teknisk 100% og det meste er i strøken forfatning. Noen godbiter som er sjeldne på bruktmarkedet. J-horn med JBL 2220 ferrit - par - SOLGT Phl 383 15" midbass i åpen baffel - par - 5000,- Phl 6301nd sub i portet kasse - par - SOLGT Coral H-105 med krybber - par - SOLGT Fostex fe 208 ez fulltone i kasse/åpen bakplate ...
  • 10 inch speakers for speaker replacement or speaker upgrade by Eminence Speaker, JBL, EV, RCF, Beyma, Peavey, Celestion, P.Audio, Ampeg, Crate, Jensen, Fane and Pyle.
  • 2005_Beneath the Seven Seas. Beneath the Seven Seas: Adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (London: Thames & Hudson), 2005. George F Bass. Download PDF.

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    ND105-4 4" Aluminum Cone Midbass Driver 4 Ohm Extended-range 60 Hz to 10 kHz performance. Share: $45.00 RRP $47.99 SAVE $2.99 (6%) In Stock. Add to Cart. Calculate ...

    DAYTON AUDIO RS125P-8 Reference Speaker Driver Midbass Paper 30W 8 Ohm 87dB 70Hz - 10kHz Ø13cm ... placé entre deux seas un u18 rnx et un 27tdfc . et bien il na pas ...

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    99 Free Shipping after 30% off Clip Coupon on page. All products Scanspeak are the TLHP website. pdf), Text File (. For a motor system, Scan-Speak basically scaled up their currently successful Air-Circ tweeter motor with 10 neodymium slugs and copper shorting rings and a titanium former. 75" ~200: 8 Ohms: U: 0: Reference info ONLY.

    Jul 31, 2010 · im looking to add some midbass to my car, currently have ALOT of bass, and ALOT of highs, lacking in the midbass area, should help when i put my 6x9's on my amp, but im debating leaving my 6x9's in the front doors on the factory amp, and only putting the 2 in the rear deck on my punch 450.4, which leaves me with 2 channels at 50wrms at 4ohms or 100 at 2ohms, or 1channel at 200wrms 4ohms. i ...

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    Jul 03, 2018 · Crossover Design for Seas H1305 woofer, H1262 midbass and H1189 tweeter (3way configuration) Anechoic (flat response) Woofer: 1.6 cubic foot vented, single straight port 3″ x 2.5″ length. Midrange: 0.2 cubic foot sealed. Additional Notes: Crossover points about 350 Hz and 4.0 kHz. Strong nominal output ~ 89-90 dB.

    A selection of small bass / midrange drive units. 4 - 5 inch Bass / Midrange loudspeaker drive units from various manufacturers including the excellent value Peerless oem M10NG (SKO100 replacement), the high performance NRSC glassfibre cone Scanspeak Discovery 12W (4 & 8 ohm versions) and Morel CAW / EW (Classic Advanced and Elite series) 428 drive units.

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    Helix dsp3- Seas prestige Tweets Audison voce 3” mids and 6.5” midbass B2audio 2500.1 and 1200.6Rage12”subs. Save Share. Reply. 1 - 1 of 1 Posts. Join the ...

    The absence of crossover parts on the Step SLE's midbass drivers (and in single driver or widebander speaker designs such as by Zu, Studio Electric, PHY, Solovox, Bastanis etc.) seems to better preserve the dynamics and transient information I find gives the music more excitement.

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    Sep 5, 2013 - Usher 8137A 8" Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Woofer by Usher. $97.87. The Usher 8137A is a value leader in high performance 8" drivers. The unique Kevlar and Carbon Fiber woven cone offers the best the fibers have to offer: light weight and excellent rigidity..

    I have a pair of the Seas Excel W17EX-C Midbass drivers that I have been holding onto for years. I finally realized I am never going to get around to using...

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    I'm selling a pair of SEAS Excel W18-NX001 midbass drivers - Nextel version.There is nothing wrong with them - really lovely drivers, but I'm going with the EX version instead.These are $226 USD each from...

    Jun 28, 2018 · The Seas would need to be used really not above 1.6Khz - the cone resonanse peak is centered at what looks like 4.8Khz, 3rd harmonic distortion will be spiking at around 1.6Khz. That means you`d have to pair it with a large waveguide or use 24db/slope as few tweeters can do that low.

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    Recent Classifieds. DEALER AD: Chord DAVE DAC or; DEALER AD: Kimber RCA and XLR Interconnects, USB, Optical and Power Cables; FOR SALE: Snell Qbx 25 floor speakers, nice locall pickup or delivery nj/ ny/ pa

    low resonance frequency to facilitate crossover design. I found these qualities in the Seas Excel T29CF001-E0038-06. The T29CF001 is a 29mm fabric dome tweeter with a wide surround. An optimally shaped dome and integrated wide surround manufactured by SEAS from SONOMEX ensure excellent performance and consistency. A powerful magnet system based ...

Audiophile 6.5 Woofer Midbass Equal to: CDT Scanspeak Vifa Seas Peerless Quality 1.2ohm Competition. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Carbon fiber cone and dust cap. 1.2 Ohm 250w RMS 400W max. Works fantastic in Tesla S. Incredible midbass clarity and definition with convincing and lightning fast midbass. Cast Basket.
Nov 21, 2003 · - well, I`ve been a speakerbuilder for some decades, and as a norwegian I know Seas wery well. If you asked me I would rather go for the Focal-driver than this Seas. seas is known for making some of the wery best mid-drivers, the strange thing is that only seems to include theyr cheaper drivers with paper-cones and so on.
The potential buyer will have to experiment with positioning to find the best balance of midbass output and pinpoint soundstaging, but given that I so admired their precision in the latter area, it was a no-brainer to keep them away from the walls.
Apr 19, 2006 · SEAS alternative: W18NX paper cone drivers or W18E001 mag cone drivers, combined with either the Excel millenium or crescendo tweeter. If size of the tweet is a concern, the Lotus tweets can be had as raw drivers as well. The Lotus drivers are based upon the older Excel drivers, the newer drivers have better frame designs and better motors.